Below Granite and marble material color is popular used in granite kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, restroom vanity tops, our factory produce Chinese granite worktops,Brazil granite countertops,India granite vanity tops,granite vanity countertops,granite tiles,granite slabs,granite kitchen tops.We produce granite tiles, marble tiles and granite slabs,marble slabs too, according to client's request.

Absolute Black

Amazone Blue

Autumn Brown

Azule Patino


Baltic Brown

Baltic Green

Bianco Romano

Black Galaxy


Black Pearl G684

Blue_Bahia Premium

Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl Royal


Blue Pearl GT

Blue Sapphire

Brazil Butterfly Green

Butterfly Green China



Canadian Green

Carioca Gold

Coffee Brown


Costa Esmeralda

Crema Bordeaux

Crystal Gold

Dakota Mahogany Dark


Dakota Mahogany Red

Diamond White

Emerald Pearl GT



Giallo Antico

Giallo Fiorito

Giallo Napoleone

Giallo Ornamental


Giallo Veneziano

Golden Beach

Golden Oak

Graphite Brown


Impala Black

Imperial Red

Juparana Bordeaux

Juparana Columbo


Juparana Florencia

Juparana India Gold

Juperano Columbo Peach

Kashmir White


Kinawa Classic

Labrador Antique

Ladies Dream

Luna Pearl


Madurai Gold

Misty Mauve

New Venetian Gold

Olive Green



Rosa Beta


Ruby Red


Santa Cecelia

Santa Helena

Saphire Brown

Serizzio Antigorio


Shivakashi Yellow

Silver Sea Green

Tan Brown

Tropical Green



Verde Fontaine

Verde Marinace

Verde San Fransisco


Blue Eyes


Volga Blue

Yellow Rusty

Natural Granite and marble,quartz designed for granite countertops,kitchen countertops,granite vanity tops,granite countertops,marble cpuntertops,marble vanity tops,residential and commercial flooring, wall and facade applications. It is ideally suited for extreme conditions, as it resists wear, deterioration and weathering, while maintaining its natural beauty and finish indefinitely. China granite are very famous in the world, such as G603, G601, G623, G682, G654, G684, G635, G636, G664, Shanxi Black, Surf White, China Green, Maple Red, etc. chinese granites are enjoying good reputation all over the world. We also supply a lot of popular granites from other countries, such as Blue Pearl, Baltic Brown, Black Galaxy, India granite, Brazilian granite, Chinese Marble, Italy marble and Greece Marble, Turkey travertine etc. Granite¡¯s three essential minerals are feldspar, quartz, and mica, these minerals occur in different proportions, giving each granite its own color, texture and structural characteristics.

Botticino Semiclass

Botticino Fiorito

Breccian Oniciata

Calcutta Gold


Crema Marfil Elegance

Diano Real

Emperador Dark

Emperador Light


Empress Green

Gold Spider

Green Landscape

Negro Marquina



Paz Gold

Portugal Grey

Rainforest Brown/p>

Rainforest Green


Rojo Alicante

Rosso Levanto

Statuary Select

Yellow Wooden



Almond Mauve(G611) , Amatista Blue Diamond , Amatista Diamond Zi Jing Zuan G , Amatista Grey Diamond , Amatista Green Diamond , Amatista Yellow Diamond Autumn Gold , Anxi Pink(G635)

Bala Flower , BD-Qing , Blue Of Butterfly , Blue Pearl , Breccia Pernice Rosso(G562)

Caffee Diamond , Calacatta Gold , Caledonia , Chaozhou Red , China Black , China Green , China Grey , China Porrino , Chrysan Green ,Chrysan Yellow , Crystal Azul white , Cyan Duan

Dakota Mahogany , Dark Blue , Dragon Green ,Deer Brown(G664) , Dongshi White(G640)

Ever Green

Fuqing White(G655) ,

Gris Perla(G430) , G644 , G654 , G656 , G658 , G663 , Golden Rust(G682) , Gold Coast , Goled Diamond , Green Diamond , Green Louis , Grey Louis , Giallo Golden

Hassan Green , Huarong Lotus Granite , Huian Red , Huidong Red(G488) , Hongtang White(G614) , G623(Haicang White) ,

Jiangxi Yellow , Jilin White , Ji Nan Green(G301) , Jiu Hua Red , Jimei Red(G617)

Lce Green , Leopard Flower

Marple Red(G652) , Medium Dark Jade , Misty Grey , Mocca Black , Mongolia Blue , Mongolia Gold Black , Multi Clolur , Multi Red , Mum Yellow

Night Blue Pearl , Night rose

Oasis Blue , Olive Green , Olympic Blue , Olive Green(G612)

Panda Dark(G654) , Panxi Blue , Peach Red , Pink Cloudy , Polar White/ Branco Ceara , Portopo , Purple Paradise , G657(Peach Blossom) , Peach Blossom Red(G634) ,

Qilu Red , Qingshan Red ,Quanzhou White (G606)

Red Of Shanshan , Rosa Corallo , Rosa Notte , Ruby Blue , Rosa Betta/Beige Rose(G636)

Safflowe , Sanbao Red ,Santa Red (G300) , Sanxia Red , Sapphire Blue(Diamond Blue) , SD White , Shanxi Black(Absolute Black) , Spring Blue , Star-Cloud Red , Sunset Gold , Salt and Pepper(G603) , Sesame Grey(G633)

Tianshan Grey , Tianshan Red ,Tiger White , Tiger Yellow

Verde Ubatuba , Vizag Giallo

Water Wave White , Wave Green , Wave White Flower , White Coarse Grian Puning , White Pearl Grain , White Flower(G439) ,

Xili Red

Yellow Tiger Skin , Yongding Red , Yue Hua Stone , Yongdin Red(G696)

Zhangpu Green(G612) , Zhangpu Red(G648)



Adoni Chocolee , African Red , Amarello Gold(Carioco Gold) , American Green , American Red , Armore Brown Mahogany , Aswan Black(Nero Aswan) , Azul Bahia , Azul Platino(Blue Dream)

B.Volga Blue , Bala Flower , Balmoral Red , Baltic Brown , Baltic Green , BD Pink , Bethel White , Black Galaxy , Black Pearl , Blue Eyes , Blue Pearl , Brown Pearl , India Red(Bundela Red) , Butterfly Blue , Butterfly Green

Caesar White , Cafe Bahia , Cafe Bahia , Cafe Imperia , Caledonia , Cambrian Black , Canada Red , Cape Red , Cape White , Carioco Gold , Carmen Red , Champagne , Crystal Gold

Desert Green

Emerald Pearl , Fantasy Viyola

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